Have you ever had a client with an insurance claim and then it cuts your profit margin to get the job done?  Did you try to work with your client to resolve their loss only to have it become a drain on your time and money?  At the end of the day, it probably wasn’t the best use of your time.

We help contractors ensure that their client’s claim is resolved in a timely manner and for the best possible settlement. We represent the property owner and NEVER the insurance company.  Berger Adjusters is reliable, affordable, and prompt service is guaranteed.

We have the knowledge and background to handle your client’s claim the way it should be handled, and we understand that Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail property losses have different needs. We know how to best handle each of those needs for you client, understanding that time , efficiency and a fast response are critical to your clients success.

Emergency Services

When fire, smoke, or water damage your client’s property, speed is essential to minimize further damage. To restore properties to pre-crisis condition and avoid costly mistakes it is critical to select the most qualified professionals. As a leader in the Public Claims Adjustment industry, Berger Adjusters is dedicated to you and your clients.