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How Much do Public Insurance Adjusters Cost and Who do They Work For? – Providence, RI


Public Insurance Adjusters charge percentage of the overall settlement. Most claims fee is 10% however, depending on the loss size this can be negotiated down to a lower percentage. It is important to do your research to higher an adjuster with experience and a high level of integrity. Even though fee should be negotiated, there should be an emphasis of quality of work and reputation and not just based on the cost associated with hiring a public insurance adjuster in Providence, RI .

An important issue in claims adjustment is the issue of conflict of interest. Once a claim is resolved, an owner should be able to hire a local contractor within the area to complete the repairs for the claim settlement. If the adjuster works with a general contractor or is a general contractor themselves and they will do the repairs after the claim is settled, then they do not have the homeowners true interests in mind, creating a conflict of interest. Certainly if you ask the adjuster for recommendations of contractors, they may be able to help with a few recommendations but the homeowner should never feel like it is mandatory.

The relationship between a Public Adjuster and the client depends on trust and transparency throughout the claims process. It is critical that you know that your Public Adjuster is always on your team and not just looking out for their self interests.

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