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Public Adjusters Can Increase Your Insurance Claim After a Disaster – Boston, MA – Providence, RI

As we watch the news, we see floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms and other natural disasters that damage homes across the US. Thousands of homeowners suffer damage to their homes, or worse, complete loss.

Do any of us have enough insurance and the correct kind of coverage to rebuild or restore our homes to the condition they were in prior to the event?

If something happens to your property, first and foremost, do not assume your insurance company is going to make you completely whole.

Insurance companies are in the business to make money.

Public insurance adjusters represent the insured, not the insurance company, in negotiating better settlements for a homeowner who suffered loss or significant damage to a home due to fire or natural disaster.

If you make a claim, be it water-damage, fire or any other property damage claim you will be better served with a public adjuster on your side.

Ask if they can get you a better settlement by negotiating for you, what experience they have in claims similar to yours, and ask to speak to references which can speak about their experience working with a public adjuster. If you are interested in consulting a public insurance adjuster in Boston, MA, or Providence, RI contact Berger Adjusters LLC.

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