What We Do

Precision Claim Adjusting

Our focus is on your claim, every day. The insurance companies are just too overwhelmed with claims and too many adjusters to provide a consistent and reliable claim settlement. The insurance industry is a trillion dollar business and without an advocate looking out for you, how can you rely and trust the insurance process?

Berger Adjusters gives homeowners and business owners assurance that they will get the best possible settlement. How do we do this? Each claim is unique to the building methods, price of construction and type of business personal property or contents in your home or business. As the result of our evaluation of your policy and your needs, we are able to develop the best approach specific to your claim.

Let us fight for you!

4-Step Plan


Our 24/7 team is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. It is vital that same-day precautions be made to assure a property is protected after a loss. At Berger Adjusters, we manage board ups, water extraction, building inspector reviews, electrical inspections and other necessary services that require immediate attention. In a residential or commercial event, it is also very important to take care of the residents and occupants as well. We find temporary living/working arrangements and arrange for immediate dry cleaning to make the path to recovery as simple as possible.


Berger Adjusters develops your claim estimate in house, working with the best in the industry. Dry brushing or Fresco painting? Hand scraped solid wood or a 4-step stain process? We do a full assessment of all affected areas from kitchens, roofs and the structure to determine the construction method and correct way to repair or replace the damaged areas of your home.


What’s inside is important to you, and it’s a priority to us. The contents portion of your claim requires extensive attention to detail to be fully recovered. Our photographers and inventory experts document all individual items one by one to ensure that the policyholder receives his or her full settlement. We fight for business interruption fees, loss of rental incomes and any extra expense resulting from a loss.


The final settlement is a combination of all our efforts, previously listed, partnered with expert negotiation, real experience and confidence in our winning team. At Berger Adjusters, we do an in-depth cost analysis through our estimate and the insurance company’s estimate for each individual claim. Every claim is unique and needs to be handled as such to bring about superior results. Our priority is to get our clients the best possible settlement while expediting the process.