Storm Damage


There’s no doubt that every year we are seeing an increase in the frequency of hurricanes and other storms. You don’t have to live on the coastline to experience disaster. Your home or business can suffer damage from wind, hail, ice, snow, hurricanes and lightning.

When this happens, you may be asking whether your insurance will cover your damaged roof, walls and other structures. And “what is the full value of repair or replacement to make me whole again?” “Where will I live while my home is being repaired?” “Will my insurance cover business inventory losses and personal property?” Sometimes, the damage is not so obvious. The experts at Berger Adjuster can answer these questions, determine the extent of your loss, and negotiate your claim for the maximum amount.

The steps we will take to start your recovery include:

  • Finding reliable professionals to make temporary repairs and prevent further damage.
  • Determining what your policy provides in terms of temporary housing and office space.
  • Making sure that the insurance adjuster understands local valuations and best estimates.
  • Determining business interruption costs, expenses, and relocation insurance.

Berger Adjusters understands the worry and stress involved in damage to your home or business from a fire, storm, natural disaster or other event. It is daunting to face flood or storm damage to your property that is so important to you. Theft or vandalism can take away your sense of security and peace of mind. You may not be able to live in your house or your business may be interrupted. You’re asking yourself: “What is the path to recovery?”

Berger Adjusters has the expertise to help you navigate this difficult journey. From small to large losses, we have the experience to advise you on the steps to take to recovery. But the sooner you act, the better. Call 401-426-2301 today.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the BEST possible insurance settlement.

We deliver personalized, high-quality, one-on-one service from the beginning of your loss to its final settlement. As your trusted advisor, our mission is to achieve a full recovery of your claim in the shortest time frame is our highest priority. Our work includes:

  • Emergency service to secure, protect and manage the claim process.
  • Review of your policy and all possible insurance coverage.
  • Estimation of the costs of the damages incurred.
  • Negotiation of the settlement.

Our knowledgeable staff is accessible 24/7 and able to answer all your questions about your loss and the path to your recovery.

The important question to ask:

After you have experienced damage to your property or business, who can you trust? Your agent? Your insurance company? Who? Since 2011, the annual revenue of the industry, known as insurance premiums, exceeded the $1.2 trillion mark.[1]

The business is so large that it is hard to keep a focus on what the intent of insurance is in the first place, putting the insured back to where they were financially prior to the loss without rewarding or penalizing the insured for his or her loss.

Berger Adjusters represents only the interests of the public and never the insurance companies. We provide the trust and reliability missing in the insurance claim process. When you are represented by Berger Adjusters, you know that a team of experts is at your disposal, to investigate, estimate and resolve your claim. This customized claim service is managed by Andrew Berger, who is your trusted advocate and Public Insurance Adjuster.