Happy Clients

An invaluable service

Andrew provided me and my family with an invaluable service during a trying time. His professionalism and knowledge brought about a just settlement that we otherwise would not have been able to secure.

Over $100,000 extra

Andrew worked extremely hard to make sure my client received over $100,000 extra in insurance proceeds even AFTER the insurance company told me their last figure was final.

I knew I had picked the right person

Andrew provided the expertise and knowledge that were critical in dealing with the aftermath of my house fire when I was at my worst. You can’t prepare for a devastating loss, but Andrew is the right person to help get things back on track quickly when everything seems to be spinning out of control. He is professional, organized, methodical and gets the job done right. Even more than that, he has such a calm demeanor and soft-spoken manner that takes the stress out of the worst situation. I knew I had picked the right person when my insurance agent spoke highly of him.
I firmly believe I could never have gotten through this without his help. I am pleased to recommend Andrew to help with your insurance issues.

Very happy with their work

Andrew did a great for me after we sustained a major fire in our house. Their knowledge of how to deal with insurance companies on a myriad of issues was invaluable. They provided critical expertise and isolated me from the daily negotiations required to resolve the insurance claims process. I was very happy with their work and would highly recommend them.

You get what you pay for

I hired Andrew after a house fire. His rate was reasonable and he worked well with me and i can be a difficult client. Unfortunately we were up against an insurance adjuster that took to lying to us and the insurance company. Andrew was able to keep me under control while we fought, successfully, for the policy limit of the insurance. One reason I choose Andrew was concerning a second claim part of the same fire. One adjuster offered to do the second piece for free while Andrew was charging me. Why not free? I wanted the “A” game on the second piece and Andrew gave me that. There is something to “you get what you pay for” and professionals should be compensated fairly for the work they do. Andrew earned his fee and I was able to concentrate on my business and rebuilding my home.
If my house burns down again, I would have him represent me.

Efficient and effective

Andrew was efficient and effective in dealing with our insurance claim. He was able to negotiate a much larger amount than originally offered by the insurance company. I would highly recommend using him.